About Us

About the guides of the World of adventures company

We are a small family company – usually we prepare, organize and conduct our travels ourselves. We have professional training in various kinds of adventure tourism and extreme sports, survival in the wild. We have several business internships in the company profile outside of Russia and extensive experience since 2001 in organizing active programs and travel in various countries. Company guides speak English.

If you are going to organize a trip across Russia and you need a reliable, competent, professionally prepared guide – we are at your service. We are fully provided with all necessary equipment for any trip and are ready to work in the most severe conditions.

We can help you in fishing, rafting, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, snowshoeing, backcountry alpine ski & snowboarding, 4×4 cars & ATV expeditions, snowmobile adventures, mountain bike travels, Wild Nature photo & video expeditions, ethnographic expeditions in remote areas etc.

Pavel Chebanov

The Director of the company, Guide, Alpine Ski & Snowboard instructor (C category ISIA)

Year of birth 1995. Fluency in English. Experience in sport tourism since 2005. Professional work as a guide in adventure tourism since 2010. Special training in the field of sport and Eco tourism and Alpine ski rest. Higher education in management in tourism and hospitality, professional training in the field of excursion. Since 2017 the director of the World of adventures company.

Vladimir Chebanov

Chairman of the board of the company founders, The Head of a tourism branch, Main Guide.

Vladimir Chebanov

Year of birth 1970. Fluency in English. Experience in sport tourism since 1991. Professional work as a guide and head of tourists group in adventure tourism since 2001. Special training in the field of sport and Eco tourism and survival. Higher education in management. 2001-2017 the director of the World of adventures company. Since 2017 the Chairman of the board of the company founders.

Inviting us to cooperate on this issue is important, so that everyone understands the basis of this cooperation.

But this is not a rigid dogma – we are ready to discuss the conditions.

  • The application for the services of the guide must be agreed and paid no later than 10 days before the anticipated time of the group’s departure for the route.
  •  The customer is obliged to provide complete and reliable information about the purpose, the area, the proposed route and the terms of travel, the number and level of preparation of each participant in the trip.
  • The provision of individual and group equipment must be coordinated with the guide and approved by him.
  • The customer should take into account the guide’s recommendations when designing the route thread and the schedule for his passage at the planning stage of the trip.
  • The transport scheme of the route must be coordinated with the guide and approved by him.
  • Before going on the route, all participants of the trip must undergo preliminary instruction of the guide about the rules of conduct and safety measures along the route, and also, if necessary, check the knowledge and skills of using various types of equipment.
  • The guide should be able to personally check the composition and level of equipment before the group leaves the route.
  • In the event of a mismatch between the equipment declared and approved by the guide list, the customer is obliged to eliminate all inconsistencies before the group leaves the route.
  • In case of inconsistency of the difficulty of the route, the level of actual training of participants should be provided by the guide with the possibility of conducting additional training sessions, or the complexity of the route should be reduced.
  • In the course of the tour, the duties of the guide include the following functions: determining the schedule and pace of movement, orienting on the terrain, selecting a direct line of movement, identifying hazardous areas and organizing their passage by the group, determining and using special equipment on the route, determining security measures at various stages of travel , the choice of parking places, the management of the group in case of emergency. If necessary, the guide acts as an interpreter from the English language, both during communication within the group, and when communicating with a third party.
  • In addition to the direct services of the guide (booked through the site), the customer additionally pays all transportation costs for delivery of the guide and his equipment to the place of travel, during and after travel, at the end of the trip, payment of all planned in-place accommodation, all necessary travel permits and licenses for the guide.
  • The full text of the guide service agreement can be downloaded here.


So what is the difference between tours and expeditions and why was there a separate section for the expeditions?

The fact is that the tour is a finished product. It is all formed, the route is clearly worked out, not once passed, all contacts and dockings are established. Surprises are exceptions, more likely associated with the vagaries of nature, well, maybe sometimes people. But this is force majeure. In general for the tour – we vouch and bear full responsibility.

Expedition … Well, as you explain, it’s more “an essay on a free topic.” No, do not think – this is definitely not an gamble. Sometimes our expeditions are prepared for about a year. It’s just from the field of creativity. Often these are not difficult sports routes (although there are also such), these are trips to interesting natural or historical sites. Often these objects do not enjoy mass popularity and are rarely visited by excursions. Sometimes it’s just a search, searching for something that only heard or guessed. Sometimes it is acquaintance with other countries, their culture and traditions. But not from the window of the tourist bus in the main square of the capital, but rather from the window of the rented car on the edge of some village, communicating not with a professional guide, but with a simple local resident. And although we are planning such trips, the level of impromptu in them is very high. We are not trying to collect a large group – this is not the goal, but if you are really interested, join.

Tours. Paiment

We strongly recommend you to read carefully these conditions for the purchase of a voucher, a refusal to travel and various delays, as well as the responsibility of the parties, in order to avoid misunderstandings in communication.

  •  If you do not see the calendar and the “Book” button on the tour description page, it means that this program is not available at the moment.
  • On the first page of the Tours you can make a request for a convenient starting date for your trip. Select the date, fill in the fields and send the form to us. We will notify you about the possibility of the program by e-mail.
  • Booking tour is made by the Tourist through the tour page on our website.The starting date of the tour is chosen from the available dates for booking. Available dates are set based on our tour schedule and previously booked itineraries.
  • Booking of the tour is completed when we are receive an advance payment of 30% of the tour price to the firm account or our VISA card. It is necessary to complete the reservation not later than 5 days after receiving the electronic automatic letter with the reservation  notification, with the full cost and the starting date of the tour from our website.
  • Funds in the amount of the full cost of the tourist product shall be paid to our Firm account no later than 10 (ten) days, for tours longer than 3 (three) days and not later than 5 (five) days for weekend tours up to 3 (three) days before the start of the tour. The moment of payment is considered the receipt of funds in cash or on our Firm account.
  • Additional services not indicated in the tour program provided by the Company or third parties during the tour are not included in the tour price and are paid by the Tourist independently by himself.
  • The information sheet for the tour, the recommended list of clothes and equipment, a safety notice and a contract form are available for download on the page of description of each tour. The time and place of the group’s collection for the trip are agreed with the Tourist after the completion of the tour reservation, as well as specified in the Contract and in the tour ticket issued to the Tourist after full payment of the tour cost.
  • Any expenses related to delivery to the place of collection of the group upon departure to the tour and after returning from the trip are not included in the cost of the tourist product and paid for by the Tourist independently.
  • If there is an increase in the cost of the tourist product due to circumstances for which neither party is responsible (force majeure circumstances), the Company has the right to amend the agreement, or the Tourist has the right to demand the termination of the contract and return the paid product tour price to him, minus the expenses actually incurred by the Firm.
  • The cost of tours is based on a certain minimum number of people in the group. In case the minimum number of tourists (less than 2 adults) is not collected, the Firm can cancel the tour, or offer an equivalent replacement, or change the cost of the tour. In this case, the Tourist may refuse the tour and then all the amounts paid to the moment are returned to him. The return of these amounts exempts the Company from all obligations under the Tourist Services Agreement and no compensation is provided for.
  • The firm is obliged to inform the Tourist about all changes related to the non-completed group in advance for a period of 5 (five) days for tours longer than 3 (three) days and 3 (three) days for weekend tours of up to 3 (three) days, before the start of the tour. After the specified terms, changes in the quantitative composition do not affect the program and cost of the tour. These conditions are not relevant to force majeure.
  • If Tourist refuses to travel for reasons not specified in these Conditions, Tourist pays a penalty. For tours longer than 3 (three) days for a refusal of more than 10 days before the start of the tour – at actual costs, from 10 (ten) to 8 (eight) days – 25% of the cost of the tour, from 7 (seven) to 5 (five ) days – 50% of the cost of the tour. For weekend tours lasting less than 3 (three) days for a refusal of more than 7 (seven) days before the start of the tour – at actual costs, from 7 (seven) to 6 (six) days – 25% of the tour price, from 5 (five) ) to 3 (three) days – 50% of the cost of the tour. In the event of a later refusal or failure of the Tourist to leave for a tour, the Firm does not wait for the latecomer and does not return the paid tour cost to him. If the Tourist does not catch up with the group, the cost of the tour is collected from him in the order of the penalty.
  • The company is liable to the Tourist separately for not performing each service in the amount of the cost of the service not provided.
  • The firm is not responsible for the inconsistency of the provided tourist service with the expectations of the Tourist and his subjective assessment.
  • The Company shall not be liable to the Tourist for delaying the group on the route or untimely (earlier or later) exit from the route, in the event of force majeure circumstances and a threat to the safety of the group.
  • The Company is not responsible for the late registration by the Tourist of a ticket and baggage in case of using regular air transportation on the tour.
  • The company is not liable for events that occurred as a result of a violation of the rules of conduct by the Tourist, safety regulations, loss or theft of his baggage, other things, documents, money, valuables, as well as late and changing the timetable for all modes of transport.
  • The company is exempted from liability for the actions and quality of the carrier’s vehicles, as well as for delay in the departure of the Tourist or a delay in traffic due to the elimination of a vehicle malfunction that threatens the life and health of the Tourist.
  • The tourist is liable for causing damage to the Firm or third parties by its actions, any independent change in the terms of the service, which entailed additional costs (changes in living conditions, excursion programs, transfers, delays, no-shows, etc.), for paying bills for additional expenses, and Also for violation of the current rules of travel and transportation of baggage and damage to the property of the carrier.
  • In case of an insured event, all medical expenses are paid by the insurance company according to the insurance policy.

The cost of all tours includes:

  • Providing the group with all necessary on the route group equipment.
  • Partial provision of our guests with individual and special equipment (details will be indicated in the information sheet for the tour).
  • All within the route transportation from Khabarovsk to Khabarovsk (unless otherwise specified in the tour description).
  • Catering on the route (except for food when traveling to the active part of the route and when returning to Khabarovsk).
  • Work on the route of the team leader and guides with knowledge of English (the number depends on the type of tour and the number of members of the group).
  • Providing a group on the route with satellite and radio communication, navigation and a satellite monitoring system.
  • Payment of all permits, fees, licenses, inside route excursions and in-patient accommodation (if they are provided by the tour program).
  • Accident insurance for the amount of 100 000 rubles per participant for the duration of the trip.

The price of each tour is listed on the website on the tour description page.

We usually work with individual tourists or with small groups of up to 6 people. Therefore, the group is counted from two people.

Be careful, in some programs (as a rule these are helicopter tours), the price is indicated for the whole group and it is simply divided by the number of participants. This is due primarily to the high cost of transportation costs (rent of a helicopter).

On individual routes or expeditions prices must be recognized and agreed in advance. They will be calculated on your request.

Arrive to the place of the tour beginning, indicated in the tour program is paid by tourists independently, as well as a return home at the end of the tour.

Accommodation in Khabarovsk before the tour and after its completion in the tour price are not included and are also paid by the guests separately, although we are always ready and happy to recommend and book suitable accommodation for you.

Additional expenses are possible in the course of preparation for participation in the tour for the purchase of necessary clothes, shoes or handy trifles and accessories which are not included in the tour price.

It is important to remember that guests pay their own meals at public catering points along the route – most often this happens when driving by car or by rail to the place where the active part of the route starts or when you return from it. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.

In addition, all individual expenses for the purchase of souvenirs, additional excursions, improvement of living conditions or travel outside the scope specified in the contract and the program of the tour are also paid by the guests independently.

Additional costs may arise when damages are caused to the World of Adventures Company or to third parties through the fault of the tour participant (the conditions are stipulated in the contract for rendering tour services).


Tours. Preparation

We remind you that all camp equipment, vehicles and safety equipment are fully included in the tours. Thus, in most cases, you will only need clothes, shoes, a backpack and a sleeping bag.

If you have any personal equipment that you would like to take with you and use it on the itinerary, it is better to discuss this in advance with the guides and to resolve all the issues that arise so as to avoid carrying excess cargo and to ensure that your equipment meets the conditions of travel.

Each route has its own features at different times even within the same tourist season. In the information booklet you will certainly find the entire list of recommended clothes, shoes and personal equipment needed on the route. We are strongly recommend you adhere to this list.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you by phone or e-mail.

The list of clothes and equipment varies from route to route. Usually the basic things are good boots, preferably leather with a membrane, a waterproof membrane jacket and pants, thermal socks, thermal underwear (if necessary by the time of the year or the weather), fleece (polartec) sweatshirt, hat from the sun, summer antiancephalitic suit or light enough, but dense (so as not to bite the mosquito) pants and a jacket with a hood. When traveling on water and on ATVs, an indispensable piece of clothing is waders (a membrane semi-overalls with waterproof socks adhered from below with waterproof socks) and special boots for them. Often it is difficult to manage without a mosquito net. With a long and difficult route, you need to take two complete sets of clothes (thermal underwear, fleece sweaters, spare shoes, etc.). Storm jacket and trousers will be enough in one set. A more complete list each tourist receives individually in preparation for the route.

All our trips are, in most cases, autonomous tours and expeditions. From the right choice of clothes and shoes depends not only your personal health and comfort – often it is a guarantee of the route passing by the whole group. autonomous existence in the conditions of our Far Eastern nature, is often complicated by significant deterioration of weather conditions on the route, to which the group must certainly be ready.

Tours. Reservation

We are often asked the question – how to go on a trip if there is no company or want to be alone with nature. We have a similar experience.

If you basically want to be alone, it’s just a matter of money. Call or email us and we will calculate the cost of the trip. If you have enough experience and have all the necessary equipment, then you can simply conclude with us a contract for the services of the guide. If it’s hard for you to choose a route, check out our Solo project

If the trip alone is not included in your plans, then simply select the route you like and book a date convenient for you. Further we will contact you, discuss all details and we will try to work more actively for formation of group for this time.

Experience of participants, the route difficulty and psychological compatibility. These are the three main issues that must always be addressed when forming teams. The fact is that most of our travels are autonomous routes in a little populated area, where the participants of the trip have to stay in a close collective for a certain time. Therefore, we always try to find out from our guests what experience they already have in such trips. If we understand that the route is too complicated for you, we will recommend its replacement or we will take your experience into account for further in the process of recruiting a group of tourists and then when choosing the traffic tempo on the route.






Of course, you better declare your desire to go on a trip in advance, because the recruitment of the group is not so fast and easier, or we may already have travels scheduled for the time you want. But there is also a possibility that there are no groups for this period, but you want to go soon, and then the opportunity to organize a tour will be. In any case, let us know about your plans in any way convenient for you and we will think of something.

Preparation of serious expeditions (especially in hard-to-reach areas or to other countries) can take quite a long time – up to several months, so we recommend planning your vacation or expedition in advance.

Tours. Travel conditions

The issue of ensuring safety during the travel is our key. We consider such an attitude to be a great advantage. We are proud that during our active work since 2001, we have never experienced any serious injuries and seeking medical help and insurance from our clients. Security is achieved through a whole range of measures.

So, in order:

  • Before the beginning of any trip, we are necessarily conducting a briefing on the rules of conduct and safety measures on the route. The instructor tells in detail about all the serious obstacles, possible dangers and rules for the safe behavior of all participants on the route.
  • If the journey involves the use of special equipment to overcome obstacles, the instructor checks the skills of owning this equipment, and if necessary explains and shows how to use it.
  • Before the beginning of the trip all our guests must be insured against an accident. The cost of insurance is included in the tour price. Together with the contract and the tourist permit the tourist receives on his hands the issued insurance policy for the amount not less than 100 000 rubles.
  • In the package of documents for the tour, you are sure to find a general safety booklet in accordance with the season.
  • During the trip, the group’s security base is based on the use of a satellite monitoring system from Delorme. Relatives and friends will be able to track the movement of the group along the route in real time. In the event of a critical situation, it is always known where the group was at the last moment, in what direction and with what speed it moved. In addition, the head has always the opportunity to give a distress signal, which will be displayed on the page, accepted at the 24-hour coordination center Delorme, and from there it was transferred to the Russian center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
  • The availability of radio communication tools and satellite navigation for guides also ensures the safety of the group. The use of high-quality radio stations will always monitor the movement of the group, safely and quickly carry out reconnaissance of the terrain and organize overcoming complex areas. Devices of satellite navigation with maps of the terrain and satellite imagery installed in them allow the guides to clearly navigate, to find safe routes for passing difficult areas. Using a satellite phone allows guides to transfer information about the status of the group to the office, receive a fresh weather forecast along the route of the trip, call the helicopter to the specified point during rounds with an air exit from the route, and even get medical advice if necessary.
  • Use on the route of individual safety equipment is a mandatory condition in our tours. Lifejackets, protective helmets, climbing safety systems – this is not a complete list of equipment that we provide our guests in our tours, and which is included in the cost. More information about what is included in the provided equipment you will find out when booking a tour.
  • Most of our tours take place in an open living nature in a little populated area, which means that there is a high probability of meeting with various wild animals. To ensure safety in travel, we have a number of measures to protect against their visits and attacks. To protect the base camps at night and during the radial exits, we use a mobile electric fence, which prevents the penetration of animals inside the perimeter. The head and guides necessarily have in the complete set of equipment signal rockets with a set of cartridges. Each participant during the trip, we issue a falshfeyer (signal torch). In some cases, the head of the group may have hunting firearms, although we often try to go without him.
  • The head of the group must have a professionally equipped first-aid kit. The composition of the first aid kit depends on the type and season of travel, the numerical strength of the group and the duration of the trip. We constantly remind our guests about the need not to forget the individual medicines in the necessary quantity. Let me remind you that the head of the group has the opportunity to consult on a satellite phone with narrow specialists in the field of traumatology, dentistry, cardiology at any time of the day. Guides have special training and practical skills in providing first aid.

The food on the tour is a very important issue, which we pay a lot of attention to. On all routes the organization of meal is handled by the company’s staff. In the process of preparing for the trip, we necessarily discuss the question of food preferences with each tourist. Of course, different types of tourism impose certain conditions on the composition of food, so the menu is somewhat different. In any case, on the route we have three meals a day.

  • For backpacking multi-day routes, we try to minimize the use of heavy canned foods. As meat, we usually use raw-smoked and raw-dried meat products. Repeatability of main courses on the route, usually after 4-5 days. The ration consists of a hearty breakfast, lightweight, but with hot dishes of lunch and dinner with soup dishes. On radial outlets or ascents, a snack with hot tea and “pocket food” is possible. For breakfast, usually porridge – rice, buckwheat, wheat, perhaps lighter – oatmeal, semolina or pasta dishes to choose from a meat component or milk, tea or coffee with sandwiches and sweet dessert – sweets, cookies, etc. Lunch, most often, is represented by hot fast food dishes – soups, noodles, mashed potatoes with sausages or pates, as much as possible canned vegetables – corn, peas, etc. sweet dessert, tea. Supper we try to make liquid – various soups with fresh vegetables, sandwiches, dessert for tea. In complex areas and ascents, a “pocket food” is provided that includes usually dried meat, fruit and nut mixtures, energy bars or chocolate. As bakery products we use biscuits, waffle bread, various drying, bread sticks, homemade breadcrumbs.
  • On rafting and fishing tours, we try to make maximum use of non-canned fresh products. The first 3-4 days the whole meat component is represented by fresh meat – chicken, pork, beef. It is transported in frozen form in thermal containers. Next, canned beef stew is used as meat. Fresh vegetables and fruits are almost always present on the route. For the first days we take fruit juices. The menu has fresh eggs, cheese, various sausages, ready-made meat products and dairy products, we use fresh bread.

At all opportunities we try to treat our guests with gifts of the Far Eastern nature – phyto tea, various dishes from freshly caught fish, mushrooms, various berries, nuts, seafood. In general, everything that is rich in taiga, rivers and the sea for the season and the place of travel. In a word, the food on the tour is healthy and varied.

Alcoholic beverages in the price of tours are not included!

We try to cook food on gas, or gasoline in winter, equipment, although a fire is also possible.

The issue of providing the group with drinking water is decided depending on the area of ​​travel. All permanent tours, except for rafting along the Amur River, pass through areas with clean drinking water, so water is recruited directly from rivers and streams. When traveling in the Amur River area (rafting to Sikachi-Alyan and the start of the tour to the Amur Pillars), purchased bottled water is used. To provide the group with drinking water in complex expeditions with untested sources of water, we use a special filter from the American company MSR.

From time to time we are asked a question about the equipment that we use on tours and provide to our guests. In a word I will say that we use hight technological professional equipment from the world famous and best of Russia brands. We love equipment and follow the world trends and innovations in this area.

If the weather deterioration does not affect the safety of the group, the route is not canceled or postponed.

In each description of the tour program there is a “Weather” tab, where you will always find the forecast for the next 3 days in the upcoming travel area (the nearest forecast points are chosen), so be sure to check the forecast on the eve of the route and dress appropriately.

The onset of force majeure circumstances due to a significant deterioration of the weather already on the route is certainly capable of affecting the program and even the duration of the tour. In this case, the team leader independently decides on changing the program and even the early termination of the tour. At the heart of all our work is your safety.

The weather can have a special effect on the group, when using a helicopter throw to the beginning of the tour and exit from the route. Under adverse weather conditions, delays can be up to several days. This is especially important when booking air and railway tickets from Khabarovsk for returning home. We strongly recommend taking tickets with the possibility of changing the date of departure or refund of tickets.