Individual travel.

Who are you – a man … a woman? It does not matter! How old are you? No difference. Are you successful and achieved all that you dreamed of? Oh yeah! What’s next? I DO NOT KNOW … I lost my taste for life. If this is about you, come, I will help you to look. We will go to the taiga, to the mountains, we will sail along the river. Rather, you will do it, but I’ll see to it that nothing happens.

  • No experience. That’s good, so even more useful, I will always be with you.
  • No equipment. Do not care, everything is mine.
  • Nothing to wear. Come on, you can buy everything in a couple of hours. I will help.
  • Where and for how long? We will discuss what is the difference – the main thing to decide.
  • And the season, the weather? Nonsense, we are for the taste of life.
  • How many of us will be? Threesome – you, me and Wild Nature. Only she knows the answers to all your questions.
  • It’ll be hard? Yes I promise.
  • How much does it cost? Expensive…

Enough, too many questions. Just call +7 (4212) 60-92-97



Photos of different years and routes.

Doubt that this is possible? In vain we are all ordinary people, and we can do it!


So it happens … It seems all right, but you can not see your friends anymore, your relatives are annoying, the whole surrounding world is false and disgusting and you want to smash the phone and disappear… even for a little while.

I know where you can disappear. We still have a real, not invented world – everything is without deception and false in it. There is no cellular communication and advertising, there are not pulled partners and relatives do not reach. It’s not easy at all, but only there you can estimate how you lived all the time until that moment. This is the world of the wild, living nature of the Far East of Russia. And no matter what time of the year and what the weather – you just need to take a chance and plunge into this world. You need to do this alone to understand yourself, to reflect, to look at the familiar world of people from the outside. I’m ready to help. And in fact it is not very important whether we will continuously move, breaking through the taiga or rafting along the river, storming the peaks or risking on the rocks or just put the tent on a small stream in a remote place and live there for a while. The main thing to get away from civilization and stay in nature until you feel that it is starting to heal your soul. Believe me, even in cold pouring rain, even in a fierce winter cold – it works! Of course not for one evening … Unfortunately, most of us are so “infected” by the civilization that people just start to hear the nature only on 3-5 days of autonomous travel. But you still need time to understand the surrounding life and your place in it.

I say this because I passed it. Every year I run to nature alone and plunge into the unhurried course of her life. I love and appreciate these days and I want to share this knowledge with you.

Possible travel options.

The project is year-round. At any time of any season, I can organize this trip. The main thing is to determine the number of free days and the amount of free funds that you are willing to spend. The program can be hiking, or snowshoeing in winter, ascending or rock climbing programs, rafting or simply camping in a secluded taiga corner. The main condition of the program is to avoid transport and civilization. For the transfer, we can use even a helicopter, if you are ready to pay for it, but then only muscular strength. And even the outboard motor on the rafting route – only for an emergency. Undoubtedly this is not a return to cave life – we will have modern equipment of world level and I guarantee the safety of the whole program.

Today it is expensive ...

 Perhaps this is the only program on the site, where the exact price is not specified. It is understandable – there are no exact parameters – terms, duration, even the kind of travel is not understandable. Everything is discussed. Much will depend on the chosen route and the transport used. For an example, I will give a few figures. For today, 1 hour of the Mi-8 helicopter flight costs from 115 000 to 125 000 rubles, which, considering the return to the point of departure, is about 100 km. If you never went to the mountains in winter and did not travel in the Wilds in winter, only to get dressed and buy shoes you may need up to 100 000 rubles. And besides that, my job, renting all the necessary equipment, food, accident insurance and transport to drop on and exit from the route. In a word – this is a program for those who are financially secure.
Just write, we will discuss everything and solve all the issues

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